Scalable Automation

Can Centerless Grinding be Automated?

Absolutely! In fact, we offer varying degrees of scalable automation. We work closely with you to ensure your particular automation goals are met within budget because staying within budget matters! . Furthermore, our cost-effective automation solutions are modular, so with our “scalable automation” platform you can easily scale up as your operation grows or as your budget allows.

See below to find out which level of our scalable automation is right for your operation.

Level I - Basic Control

Level I automation includes basic PLC control featuring Automation Direct PLC’s, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). Basic control is provided that senses part presence and initiates the loading sequence into your process cell. Conversely, parts are sensed exiting your process cell and are provided to the next operation or accumulated for bundling.

Level II - Intermediate Control

Level II automation features a significant upgrade to Level I control featuring Allen-Bradley PLC’s, VFD’s and HMI’s. Additionally, Level II adds recipe control and PID loops for accurate positioning control.

Level III - Advanced Control

Level III automation is our most advanced solution for your process. Featuring not only upgraded Allen-Bradley PLC’s and VFD’s but also Allen-Bradley servo motors for extremely accurate positioning. In addition, Level III automation provides a substantial hardware platform for our Advanced Technology solution.