EZ-Set® Automated Bar Handling System

Our EZ-SET® bar handling system automates the handling of large parts into and out of your centerless grinding operation, thereby eliminating the manual, time consuming and expensive process. Furthermore, with the EZ-SET® integrated material handling system parts automatically get conveyed from one center to another thus eliminating this non-profit, labor intensive and expensive operation.

Centerless Grinding Application:

Bar Diameters: .1875″ –  6″            Bar Lengths: Up to 50 Ft

In addition to drastically reduced setup times our patent-pending fixtures are attached to the grinder and consequently will always maintain the correct pass-through line. As the grinding wheel compensates our EZ-SET® fixtures automatically follow along always maintaining the proper pass-through line.  Isn’t it time you implemented an EZ-SET® bar handling system to automate your centerless grinding operation?

EZ SET Automated Bar Handling