Our History in the Centerless Grinding Industry

The Man

Unaware of the impact he would eventually have on the centerless grinding industry, Mr. Bambic immigrated to the United States from his homeland in Eastern Europe in 1970. Having a strong electrical and mechanical background, he immediately began working in local industries.

The Centerless Grinding Industry

It wasn’t until the early 1990’s when he devoted his time and knowledge to becoming a pioneer in the centerless grinding industry. He began working on developing a better way to separate sworf (grinding particulates) from coolant. After a few years and several trials runs Mr. Bambic perfected the Multi-Particle Separator. With this innovative invention, Electro-Tech, Inc. was born. It was incorporated in February of 1998. The Multi-Particle Separator was patented in the late 1990’s and big companies in the industry instantly took notice.

After a few years of manufacturing and selling his ideas and machines, Mr. Bambic saw the need for extreme automation in the industry. Most of his customer base was loading steel bars into and out of their centerless grinders manually. Consequently, he put his thinking cap back on and after several sleepless days and nights he developed a completely automated way to grind steel bars. Even though it was an early concept, companies immediately saw the value. As Electro-Tech expanded, so did its products. Early in the new millennium the EZ-Set bar fixture, an automated bar tuber, and a bar return system was created and a complete turnkey system was born.

The Legacy

Today, Electro-Tech, Inc. is recognized as an industry leader in automation processes such as grinding, polishing, turning, and heat treating. Electro-Tech, Inc. has been growing steadily and in early 2007 they opened Adriatic Steel, a company that utilizes all of Electro-Tech Inc.’s state of the art technologies and capabilities. Adriatic Steel has the ability to process steel at a high-quality standard and provides its clients with quick turnaround times. In the fall of 2013 Adriatic steel became ISO 9001:2008 certified and continues to provide quality and on time service.

As Electro-Tech, Inc. continues to grow, their roots will never be forgotten. New clients are treated like old friends and are continually provided with a respect and always, a little more than they expect.

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