We provide integration solutions for virtually any machine on your plant floor resulting in a highly efficient manufacturing environment. Our solutions eliminate labor content, setup time and waste thereby increasing machine efficiency, productivity and profitability. If you have a machine that you would like to automate look no further. We have designed and implemented integrated control solutions worldwide for a variety of Customers. Learn more….

Material Handling

Moving product from one process to another is a non-profit event. Our Integrated Material Handling Technology eliminates non-profit events by providing comprehensive solutions to your unique material handling needs for virtually every processing operation. We have provided material handling solutions for centerless-grinding, straightening, chamfering, saw cutting, ND testing and more. Learn more….


Our Advanced Technology seamlessly integrates with your existing production systems resulting in real-time, intuitive information regarding your plant’s performance. Our systems help information flow from factory floor to the executive suite. We have experience in incorporating factory floor data to ERP packages such as SAP, Oracle and Dynamics. Learn more….

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