def: Re-Shoring

The process of returning manufacturing back from off-shore facilities.

We assist you in bringing your manufacturing process back from your off-shore production facilities. We recognize the obstacles you encounter when making the decision to bring back manufacturing and through extensive automation we effectively eliminate these roadblocks. How? By aligning the cost of manufacturing to your goals. We accomplish this with a laser-like focus on eliminating non-profit events such as material handling, machine setup and the constant adjusting of machines for peak performance.

We tirelessly work to re-configure your entire process in order to reduce transportation from one work cell to another through effective automation. Re-configuring also allows for flexibility in manufacturing. Work cells can be configured to work as a whole, independently, or in any combination automatically or by ERP. In autonomous mode AI identifies best case scenarios for manufacturing and adjusts machine operations in order to maximize profits..

We utilize start-of-the-art AI for replicating your Operator’s performance, critical judgement and expertise. Through a combination of our patent-pending neural network systems and advance control theory we are able to effectively eliminate the labor content in your machine operations. In affect, we digitize the Operator’s knowledge and expertise.