EZ-Glide® Integrated Material Handling

Our patent-pending EZ-Glide integrated material handling system provides the ultimate in control when feeding parts. Unlike other systems the EZ-Glide system provides part rotation and linear feed speed as separate, controllable variables. Perfect for induction hardening, centerless grinding and straightening.

Induction Hardening Application:

Part Diameters: .1875″ –  6″            Bar Lengths: Up to 50 Ft

Induction hardening, up to this point, was difficult since proper hardening depends on time and temperature uniformity over the entire surface of the part. In order to accomplish this proper rotation through the induction coils must be achieved. Additionally exposure time must be accurately controlled. Only the EZ-Glide system can accomplish both.

Centerless Grinding Application:

Bar Diameters: .1875″ –  6″            Bar Lengths: Up to 50 Ft

Does your product suffer from “Grinder Rash”? With other traditional centerless grinding systems operators had to “live” with adjusting either rotational speed or linear feed rate, but not both. Only one of these variables could be used to match the characteristics of the grinding operation. With the EZ-Glide system linear feed rate and rotational speed can be adjusted independently resulting in less scrap and waste due to damaged bars.